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The Power of Chat Marketing: Six Shocking Statistics...

Good chat marketing is a multi-channel approach to instantly engage customers on their preferred platform, whether they are interacting with your brand on your own website or on Facebook or Instagram or you are reaching them with automated SMS communications. Chat marketing is growing explosively. Why did the use of chatbots increase by a whopping […]

Six Simple Steps Plus 11 Best Practices For Creating a...

A project probably won’t succeed without several critical factors, among them, a good strategy and clarity about roles and responsibilities for people participating in the project. Even a great plan is probably doomed to failure if there is not a clear understanding of who is doing what. You can use a responsibility matrix, also known […]

How to Use Content Syndication To Multiply Your...

Publishing E-Books, White Papers, and Case Studies can be a great way to generate B2B leads. By discovering what your customers want to learn and giving them great information, you can build trust and convince them to give you their email and begin a relationship. You can use your social media accounts and your website […]

How To Generate Leads with Long-Form Content: E-Books,...

Neil Patel, Seth Godin, and other top marketers often return to a common theme: stop bothering people and start helping them. “Marketing” and “advertising” used to be used interchangeably. To market something, you would put an announcement about it somewhere where it would interrupt content that people were interested in, like buying an ad in […]

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