Airwallex - International Payment Processing

  • Easy global payments
  • Low transfer fees
  • Low currency exchange fees

Airwallex - International Payment Processing

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The internet makes it easy to operate in a global market. But banks do not. That’s why you need Airwallex. It’s like a bank, except it actually works for businesses in the modern global economy. Open an account in minutes and operate without borders with high-speed international payment processing at low fees that can’t be beat. And you will get the best FX rates when converting too. Airwallex offers payments in more than 130 countries using 31 currencies. Secure and FinCen registered. Integrates with Shopify and more. Get started today with no setup fees and zero monthly account fees.
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  • ★   Easy global payments

  • ★   Low transfer fees

  • ★   Low currency exchange fees

What you can expect

Plan to spend entire minutes setting up your account. Then be prepared for your life to get much much easier. If you have been experiencing premature hair loss caused by pulling out fistfuls of hair trying...

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Your Dedicated Team

This is an affiliate gig, so you won’t need our help, beyond sending you in the right direction.

What you need to provide

This is a regulated financial service, so you will have to provide some basic identification required for KYC. 


What are the fees?

Well, the account monthly account fee It is probably not a coincidence that the setup fee is zero and the bank transfer fee is also zero as long as you use the Airwallex payment network and not SWIFT.

Wait.. what? How does Airwallex make money then?

There is no fee for sending and receiving the same currency. But when Airwallex’s happy customers want to convert from one currency to the other, Airwallex charges an extremely low fee - just 0.5% or 1% the rate banks charge each other, depending on the currency.

Are there any drawbacks to Airwallex?

Unless “too easy” is a problem for you, based on our extensive experience using Airwallex for Viral Octopus, there are none.

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