Bing ads

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Bing ads

Many businesses never look beyond Google Adwords for Search. Bing Ads management is a important alternative that your competition might overlook. Bing often drives more leads, more sales and more traffic for less money than the Big G. Contact us today and let our specialists show you how to get more results with less money on Bing.
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  • ★   Run a data-driven Bing Ads Campaign

  • ★   Optimize it day-by-day

  • ★   Cancel any time

What you can expect

Bing Ads is a powerful, PPC-based advertising channel based on search intent.

Our sophisticated, hands-on campaign execution maintains a relentless focus on improving conversion rates and reducing your cost per lead. This is...

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Your Dedicated Team

Leveraging our bidding optimization strategy you can count on no-nonsense bids and budget management based on data, and a proper setup to achieve the high conversion rates.

What you need to provide

KPIs and margin info*
Briefing on geography/buyer personas etc.

Provide feedback within the timing of the gig.
We have different ways you can choose and communicate to the...

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I'm already spending a lot on AdWords. Why I should consider Bing as well?

Do you want to pay less and get more? Bing's market share is increasing (source: and CPC costs are definitely lower. It probably will not replace AdWords anytime soon, but you can get results and save money by adding Bing.

What performance can I expect from Bing?

Results vary by niche, but traffic costs are almost always lower. You can safely expect lower volumes and a slightly better overall performance compared to Google AdWords, especially on very competitive industries (e.g mortgages, lawyers etc.)

Google AdWords has very strict policies on some products/industries. Is Bing Ads the same?

It just depends, but there is not a 1:1 overlap. Get in touch and we will be happy to evaluate your needs.

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