Complete Email Newsletter Service

  • Build trust
  • Deliver useful content
  • Keep customers engaged

Complete Email Newsletter Service

Establish yourself as a reliable presence and a solid source of useful information with a periodic newsletter like the very popular “The Hustle”. Reach your customers on a regular basis and remind them of your product or service while demonstrating value by offering them content that will interest them. Choose one, 4, or 20 newsletters per month.
  • ★   Build trust

  • ★   Deliver useful content

  • ★   Keep customers engaged

What you can expect

There are many new marketing channels but good old fashioned emails remain a very affordable and effective way to reach people who are interested in your brand. If you are skeptical, consider the popular...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your strategist will coordinate the gig and act as your point of...

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What you need to provide

Fill in a brief form to describe your brand, your products, and your customers. 

Provide objectives or goals for your...

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choose the variant that fits best.

Complete Email Newsletter - Starter Plan

Reach your customers on a regular basis with effective and affordable communication. A great periodic newsletter (like “The Hustle”) helps establish a relationship and build trust with your clientele. Inform, entertain, delight and persuade as you create an ongoing relationship. This version of the gig includes one newsletter per month. 

Complete Email Newsletter - Growth Plan

Email marketing has the best ROI! Earn trust, create brand awareness, and increase repeat business the affordable way with email newsletters. Our expert copywriters will deliver a steady stream of top quality content in your brand voice, four newsletters per month. 

Complete Email Newsletter - Scale Up Plan

Build trust and establish authority with your customers with a steady flow of interesting and useful content. An email newsletter series is very affordable, but your results will only be as good as your copy. We take “The Hustle” - with 1.5 million subscribers, as an inspiration. Hire an expert and get 20 newsletters per month, segmented by audience if desired.


What can the newsletters cover?

Our copywriters can write about anything you want. If you are stumped for topics, your assigned strategist can discuss your customer’s interests and coordinate a content plan with your designated copywriter.

How long does this gig last?

Each round is 28 days.

Are graphics included with this gig?

This gig includes graphics. It’s important. Your newsletter will have a greater impact with a pleasing visual design that reinforces your brand identity.

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