Corporate Audio Content

  • Build a connection
  • Establish your brand
  • Content people want to hear

Corporate Audio Content

Build a powerful connection with your audience with an audio stream of well-produced high-quality content. Each week, you'll get a new up-to-ten-minute audio article with a text version complete with graphics to delight and engage your potential customers, up to 5,000 words per month. Offer outlines or just choose a keyword and let our copywriters do the rest.
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  • ★   Build a connection

  • ★   Establish your brand

  • ★   Content people want to hear

What you can expect

You can focus on running your business while Viral Octopus helps convey your brand value to existing and potential customers with a weekly podcast.

Each month our team of experts will produce four high-quality articles on...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your Strategist will gather information about your brand and be your liaison with the team, coordinating their efforts and relaying your feedback.

Your Copywriter will deliver interesting and insightful content with the...

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What you need to provide

Focus KW
One or more images if available
Cms access (optional)
Article outline (optional)
Blog link
Image sizes
Subscription to your favorite audio platforms (optional)


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Is this the right gig for me?

If you have an audience and you want to connect with them and offer them high value content that creates a bond with your brand, this gig can deliver results. If you are starting from square one and you need to build an audience, you may want to combine it with one of our growth oriented gigs.

What is the benefit of a podcast?

Viral Octopus founder is a big fan of podcasts. Not everyone likes them, but some very goal-oriented people pick quality content to listen to during times when they can’t read. There is very likely a segment of your audience that will appreciate this format, and reaching your potential and existing customers “where they live” builds a powerful bond.

What is included with the podcast?

You get an article written for your target audience on the subject of your choice with background music or a jingle where appropriate and you also get a text version with compelling graphics. Each podcast will be approximately seven minutes long and you get a total of 4,000 to 5,000 written words a month with your four podcasts.

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