Facebook Ads for eCommerce

  • 4 person team of specialists
  • Cutting edge strategy & tactics
  • Watch results improve

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Sell more! Facebook Ads work to drive sales and leads for E-Commerce. But are you maximizing the results you get for the money you spend? Our expert team will work with you to get the most out of your budget (recommended minimum $2.5k, maximum $10k) and take your FB, Instagram, and Whatsapp marketing to the next level.
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  • ★   4 person team of specialists

  • ★   Cutting edge strategy & tactics

  • ★   Watch results improve

What you can expect

Our dedicated team will learn about your products, brand identity, and target customers and then put together a starting strategy to promote your E-Commerce on Facebook and Instagram or Whatsapp properties, if appropriate. They will...

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Your Dedicated Team

Your team of four will be carefully selected from among our community of verified experts, all of whom have passed a rigorous test.

The STRATEGIST will manage the project, developing the general approach, assessing your...

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What you need to provide

Fill in the brief in your easy-to-use project manager dashboard to...

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Is this the right gig for me?

If your E-Commerce is established but you want it to grow faster, generate more sales with the money you spend on ads or increase the volume of leads you are getting, this is the gig for you. To get the most out of the traffic that your FB ads generate, you might also want to consider our conversion optimization gig.

How big should my ad budget be to use this gig?

The maximum for this gig is $10,000. We recommend a minimum spend of $2,500 to ensure you get a good return on hiring your Viral Octopus team, but if you want to start the first month with a smaller budget to dip a toe in the water, we will allow that.

Does this gig include conversion tracking troubleshooting?

Included with this gig, our Facebook marketing experts will analyze the results of a/b testing every month to continuously improve your results in terms of traffic - clicks and/or leads, and you can see and track results yourself with your Facebook Ads manager. We have a separate gig for detailed analysis of your conversions and the customer’s path through your website to a sale or registering as a lead.

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