Facebook Ads for Mobile Apps

  • More app downloads
  • Less money waste
  • More targeted users

Facebook Ads for Mobile Apps

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Get more high targeted downloads and subscription coming from Facebook and Instagram, decrease your cost per install and optimize your user acquisition strategy.
  • More app downloads
  • Less money waste
  • More targeted users

Sample Work

What you can expect

Facebook (and Instagram) are one of the best and cheapest platforms when it comes to spreading an app and getting new users.

Increase your app downloads. Improve the quality of the subscribers. Reduce your cost per...

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Your Dedicated Team

Facebook Ads Specialist
Graphic Designer

What you need to provide

General Business Information: Market, target,...;
Brand Guidelines;
Target Ads;
Access to Business Manager, social accounts, advertising account, pixels and access app (via Viral Octopus agency ID);

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Will I have to provide access to other tools and reportings more that Facebook and Google Analytics ?

It would be better, so we will analyze all data from your entire funnel and system , helping you to reach the best potential with our advertising efforts and giving you more suggestions.

Can I know how much conversions/sales I will make?

Obviously not. Because we just get you Real and Targeted people interested in your business. So it depends on your account, your market etc. Be sure that we will reach just potential customers, that could be interested to buy your services/products!

Who will manage my campaign(s)?

Our consultants are carefully selected from a pool of certified professionals with proven track records. Their availability is constantly checked and their performance is monitored to assure they meet our high standards. You can trust them.

When does my GIG last?

Your GIG lasts for 28 days from the day it starts up.

Is the renewal of the GIG automatic?

At the end of the 28 days the GIG is automatically renewed. Payment will be charged to the credit card entered at the time of purchase. If you do not want to renew the GIG you can do so simply by entering your user area in the "My Subscription" section.

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