Hotjar Analysis

  • Seamless implementation
  • Bottleneck identification & resolution
  • Make data-driven decisions

Hotjar Analysis

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Hotjar is a solution that allows marketers and designers to see how visitors are using their site pages. It includes heatmaps, session replays, funnels, polls, surveys and more. Viral Octopus will help you get the most out of this powerful tool.
  • Seamless implementation
  • Bottleneck identification & resolution
  • Make data-driven decisions

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Hotjar Analysis

What you can expect

As an online entrepreneur, you probably focus on making sure that your users engage with your content. Anything from opting in for an offer to purchasing something, or leaving a review. Sometimes it's tough to know exactly what actions...

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Is this tool hard to learn/understand?

Actually not. You will be easily able to get qualitative insights from your website traffic, so it's the perfect complement to quantitive analytics tools (like Google Analytics, among the others).

What can I do with HotJar?

One really useful feature is visitor recording. Hotjar will let you record the entire visit - this way you can literally watch the movie of how your visitor are interacting with your site. It's incredibly enlightening, as you can see dead ends and issues on critical parts, like account registration and checkout phases. Also, heatmaps will help you understanding mouse pointer flows and understand what grabs your users' attention, what is wrongly assumed to be a button and so on.

Is Hotjar free?

It depends on how complex and wide is your website project, and how much traffic it collects. But if you have a large enough scale that you have to pay, it is worth every dime.

When does my GIG last?

Your GIG lasts for 28 days from the day it starts up.

Is the renewal of the GIG automatic?

At the end of the 28 days the GIG is automatically renewed. Payment will be charged to the credit card entered at the time of purchase. If you do not want to renew the GIG you can do so simply by entering your user area in the "My Subscription" section.

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