Public Relations - PR & Link Building

  • PR Experts Who Get Content Published
  • Significant Link Building
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Public Relations - PR & Link Building

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Put your business in the spotlight with experienced PR experts who know how to pitch journalists and get coverage in high-visibility publications. Along with the exposure, you’ll get links that bring traffic and authority to your site, resulting in higher placement in search results.
  • PR Experts Who Get Content Published
  • Significant Link Building
  • Cancel Anytime

Sample Work

What you can expect

Our PR experts will create /update a general press kit for your business and distribute it to international media. We recommend you also make the kit available for download on your website. In the first month our experts will also:
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Your Dedicated Team

Strategist - to guide the project
Copywriter - to create compelling content
Outreach Manager - the secret sauce; someone who knows how to get that content published in high-visibility places

What you need to provide

All materials you have that describe your business model (e.g. pitch deck)

The business categories you’re active in (e.g. property technology, education, etc.)

The founding date of your business

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Can you guarantee publication?

It would be irresponsible to promise that someone who is not on the VO team will do something, so we can’t promise that publications will run our news releases or agree to write their own articles. What we can promise is that our expert copywriters and outreach managers will present your news in a way that makes it as compelling and interesting as possible, and send it out to the editors that are most likely to be interested in it.

How many links will I get?

We can’t guarantee a specific number of links, but our outreach managers know how to make editors happy. They have great relationships, and because they feed the right editors what they are looking for and don't bother them with irrelevant spam, they know editors who like to do them favors. It takes years of working hard and smart to build relationships like these.

How long does my GIG last?

Your GIG lasts for 28 days from the day it starts.

Is the renewal of the GIG automatic?

At the end of the 28 days, the GIG will automatically be renewed unless you cancel it. Payment will be charged to the credit card entered at the time of purchase. If you do not want to renew the GIG you can cancel simply by entering your user area in the "My Subscription" section.

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