Do you want to make more money with your e-commerce project?

Viral Octopus Has Developed and Tested an Eight Step Method to Achieve Your Goal.

The Viral Octopus Loop. How it works.


1- Business Strategy

Define your customer’s problem and your solution. Analyze your market opportunities. Harness the power of lean innovation and visual tools to create a concept including customer personas, competitor analysis & more.


2 - Customer Engagement

Develop a user experience that goes beyond the on-line experience by creating real world communities. Discover and communicate the true unique value of your brand.


3 - Wholistic Planning

Plan every detail, down to investment schedules and operating manuals with defined roles and performance checklists, eliminating bottlenecks and surprises.


4 - IT & Content

Bring your plan to life with our specialists. We coordinate our developers, graphic designers and copywriters working with cutting edge best practices to create your powerful presence.


5 - Sales & Marketing

sMart-keting: Use the newest strategies to design testable marketing funnels with a focus on conversion, interaction and life time value, instead of traffic maximizing your ROI.


6 - Measuring Success

Create the most accurate measures of effectiveness for every aspect of your online presence, from web design to marketing. This will allow you to choose and refine the strategies that make money.


7- Optimization

Using measurements, refine and compare alternatives with unrelenting A/B testing. Stop losing money on webpages that don’t convert and marketing efforts that get traffic but not revenue. Increase your profits.


8 - Trend Spotting

Stay on top of new opportunities. Anticipate trends for your customers and your competitors. Be among the first to market and profit


You can choose services for any of the eight steps. Our services are available as Custom Projects with multiple tasks or as Gigs - single tasks that you can pick and choose.